4 Tips for purchasing the comfortable women sandals of latest design

When the weather is bright, warm and humid, the fashion thoughts of women turn towards one thing: sandals of the latest design. Be it for fashion or for function, sandals for women are great in keeping their feet cool on hot days.


S for summer, S for sandals: the significance

It really feels good to poke out your feet from the shoe and allow the air to pass between your toes, especially when the temperatures soar. The summer-specific design of the sandals is therefore perfect for the feet. The strappy, open design of the women sandals compliments the delicate, attractive and lighter clothing of the summer. With the enclosed design of the sandals, there is a high risk of getting infected due to the growth of bacteria and fungus. That’s why the women sandals with open cut designs, that we buy online, are perfect for summer.


Exploring the colourful, diverse and vibrant racks of the online stores is the ultimate shopping experience for the shoe lovers of the latest women sandals. But before diving into a shopping spree, women should be sure they are choosing the right sandals that will be flattering and useful for them.


Here are some of the important tips to remember while buying women sandals online:

Think about comfort

When it comes to a good looking, swashbuckling sandal, women rarely think about comfort; the fashion quotient pops up at the head. But perhaps, it should be. Choosing sandals keeping comfort in mind ensures healthy feet for a woman. Any new shoe takes some time in getting used to, but if they are still painful after wearing for few times, they are clearly not a good choice. Ensuring a proper fit is one of the most important elements of choosing good sandals. Tight sandals lead to blisters between toes whereas, shoes bigger than a woman’s feet make her muscles go tense.


Choice of high-quality materials

Flimsy man-made, synthetic materials might be cheap but can cause skin irritations and are not durable enough for long use. These materials also are not good water resistant; they tend to hold water for a long time, thereby leading to the growth of fungus and bacteria and serious skin problems. High-quality leather, bacteria-resistant rubber and natural fibres are thus so important to be present in a good women sandal.


Considering your body shape

Not all styles are suitable for all people. Like clothing, footwear depends on foot type and shape. So, while buying sandals from online stores, one must choose something that creates a slim and graceful line.


Sufficient amount of protection

Sandals which just have a rubber sole are not built for long walks. They can make your feet fatigued quickly. As a result, your whole walking experience becomes uncomfortable and painful. So, it is advised to opt for women sandals with a decent amount of cushioning.


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The ultimate guide to the vegan sports shoes for women found online

What are ‘vegan’ women sports shoes?

Vegan sports shoes for women are running shoes, cross training shoes, gym shoes and other kinds of sports shoes which use materials (that includes dyes and adhesives) that are not derived from animals or are not tested on any animals.


Vegan sports shoes on the basis of the terrain

When it comes to sports shoes, types of terrain are very crucial. There occur small changes and adjustments in the women sports shoes with the change in the terrains. A woman looking to buy a new pair of sports shoe from the online stores we have in India should at first identify the need for sports shoe for her feet.


Track – Track sports shoes are lightweight and don’t provide much cushioning; they are predominantly about speed and are used for athletics mainly.


Cross-Training – Cross-trainers offer sufficient cushioning and have a durable sole that helps in taking a confident stride while playing any sports. For sports where there is a need for running and jumping, these shoes are the best options.


Materials used

Most of the sports shoes for women that are found online, be it vegan or otherwise, are exclusively made of synthetic materials like nylon, rubber and many others. The non-vegan shoes, however, use animal-derived materials in the shoes.


Suedette – They are lightweight fashion materials that are water resistant and non-breathable.

Nylon/Synthetic – They are very much breathable and sturdy in nature.

Microfibre – Made from polyester and polyurethane, this material is soft to touch and designed to make your feet breathe naturally.

Vegetan mycro – Made of soft to touch polyester substrate with polyurethane ‘skin’, this material has a matt/satin finish with a light grain.They are tough, versatile and have a water resistant property.

Vegetan active – A lightweight, breathable polyurethane/cotton material which is soft, grained and leather-looking and is common in the women sports shoes found online. They have a built-in cotton backer which gives extra strength. They are also biodegradable and so, environment-friendly too.


Vegetan Bucky – It is a hard-natured microfibre with a look and feel of supple leather. Usually dark, this material also is breathable and thus ideal for being a sports footwear material.


There are many other materials made from vegetative or synthetic resources that are common pre-requisites in vegan sports shoes for women. The various types of sports shoes and running shoes for women made without the use of animal materials are just as good, and in many case superior, to their non-vegan counterparts.


The gradual increase in the number of people who are abstaining themselves from using animal-derived products indicates what they favour. And the abundance of these sports shoes on the virtual racks of the online stores of India is a clear example women buy them in greater volume.


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Selecting the right material: Looking at some of the men’s shoe materials

Every man needs a good pair of shoe that he can wear comfortably on a daily basis. They need something that can be worn in a variety of different situations. Hence, a shoe has to go through many ordeals; a lot of rough usages, wear and tear, water soaked in the puddles and so on.


So, what makes a good men’s shoe stand out from the others? It is their materials that make them special. The materials used in making the shoes for men are the main reason for their cheap pricings, comfortable nature and popularity. That’s why wearing a good men’s shoe made with good quality materials is so important.


The most common materials used in the shoes for men that we get online are leathers, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam and plastics. Each of these materials has their specific uses in footwear. Hence, selecting the shoes according to the uses is something that attributes to the longevity of the footwear.


Is the choice of material that important?

While shopping for the shoes for men from the online stores, people often overlook the importance of the materials with which the shoes are made of. This is a grave mistake. Shoes are not just something that protects man’s feet from the dirt and sharp objects of the roads; they are an investment in comfort, style and health.


Leather: Playing the first fiddle

Perhaps the most common material used for making shoes, leather is durable, flexible and stretchable. It is also available in many colours and styles. But the drawback is that the shoes for men made of leather are not at all cheap. Also, they are heavy and susceptible to water absorption. Yet when it comes to making a beautiful and fashionable men’s shoe, leather is the ‘thing’.


Synthetic substances

Once considered cheap junk that is not suitable for high-quality shoes for men, synthetic materials (mainly Polyurethane) now is a must have for manufacturing modern shoes; especially modern sports shoes. They offer a huge variety of colour, texture and features. They also provide good cushioning and are water resistant in nature- which is the two most unique asset of this material.



Textiles for footwear come in many fibre types that include cotton, nylon, wool, polyester and many others. Because of the variety of features and colours, textiles have a special place in the footwear industry. They are mainly used inside and at the bottom of the men shoes.


There are so many kinds of materials that are now used in making men’s shoes more interesting, more supportive and healthier. So while shopping, we must look for good materials rather than searching for flashy stuff.


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Some of the technologies for the next-gen eco-friendly women shoes

If there had been any perfect time for the use of environment-friendly technologies, then it is now; more than ever. We are standing on a crucial crossroad of time where we need to take up the responsibility for the betterment of the environment for the sake of our future generation.

Luckily, with the help of the latest technologies, we can go green when it comes to fabulous women footwear. Gone are those days when women’s shoes were made only from hemp and leathers.


Eco-friendly shoes for women: their significance

In modern time, if anything has been of serious concern then it is the present environmental and ecological crisis. So, we are witnessing more and more eco-friendly products in the market as the safest way to tackle the issue. And footwear, especially women’s shoes, is no exception. We now see more usage of organic and natural materials (which are bio-degradable in nature) for making a stylish and flamboyant pair of ladies footwear.


Many of the women’s shoes that we can buy from the online stores are sustainable in nature. Even, the very concept of online buying and selling of any commodity (in this case, shoe) is very much environment-friendly as it involves no paperwork and happens over the internet.


Technology and its contribution

Technology holds the key to the future. It is with the help of technology only, that our dream for eco-friendly shoes became a reality. Still, manufacturers are working on implementing more futuristic technologies on the women’s shoes to make a noble impact on the society.


Uses of recycled materials – Majority of the women’s shoes that we find online are designed by pairing eco-conscious material and recycled plastic bags. Such initiative helps in reducing the plastic pollution to a huge extent.


Vegetable Dyes – The various chemical dyes used for the coloration of the ladies footwear are not only harmful to the environment but also is toxic for human skin. So, the latest ladies footwear that is environmentally conscious, have adopted the usage of vegetable dyes instead of any synthetic dyes.


The rise of the chrome-free shoes – Chrome-free shoes are relatively new and very few know about them. This kind of women’s shoes plays an instrumental role in reducing the carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and in that way, hinders global warming to some extent.


Sea waste materials – A lot of the new women shoes are using the marine plastic debris as their main component which is a great attempt to restore the marine ecosystem to its initial pollution free stage.


Going green can be a challenge to many people; since we’re not used to it. But it’s something we need to do for the sake of our planet. There are so many things that are harmful to the earth and are part of our everyday lives, but a simple step of buying eco-friendly women’s shoes is the easiest way to contribute to the protection of our beautiful home.


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Few things to consider when buying men’s sandals from online stores

Why are sandals ideal footwear for the summers?

Sandals are that kind of footwear which comes with open areas that expose the feet to the air. Such design keeps the feet cool and comfortable in warmer weather. The enclosed designs can trap heat inside and makes the feet perspire. In hot weather condition, this is very uncomfortable and has a high risk of infection. Therefore, the above-mentioned open cut design of the men’s sandals is perfect for the summers.

Why are people in love with the men’s sandals?

One of the main reasons, these shoes are so much popular among the men is that they are easy to put on. Such condition is ideal for men to slip on the sandals for quick and short trips outside to the locality or the nearby stores. Sandals have been there since the inception of the footwear. With such a long existence, it is no wonder that there are varieties of sandals available for men. The variety of colour, shape, designs and features entices people to buy the latest sandals from the online stores. Moreover, these men’s floaters are less expensive than the enclosed footwear as they require lesser materials to manufacture; another reason people buy them in vast numbers.

Things to consider when shopping for the sandals

No matter what you look for in your favourite pair of sandals, there are certain universal things that should be considered before shopping for sandals from the online stores. Keeping these things in mind help us to select the sandals that will satisfy our needs and can be used for a long time.

The flexibility- Sandals with stiff soles protect our feet from the rocks and uneven terrains. They also cause the straps to pull more on the top of the feet which results in rubbing and blisters. So, a good sandal for men should be flexible enough to allow the foot to bend naturally while taking a walk; at the same time, it should protect your feet from the rough surfaces.

Sufficient amount of cushioning – Many simple sandals have a sole that is just a plank of rubber. Though they are easy to find, quick to put on and inexpensive, they are not at all built for long walks. Such things can make our feet fatigue quickly, making walking uncomfortable and a painful experience. So, to make walk a refreshing experience, we should search for those sandals which offer quite an impressive amount of cushioning.

The activities for which sandals are chosen – there are many kinds of sandals and each one of them has a specific activity. For example, solid rubber sandals are great for beach walks while athletic sandals are best for long walks or rugged terrains; the converse would be a mismatch. So, understanding the purpose and the utility of different sandals are required.

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How to select the best casual travel shoes for women from online stores

Are women casual shoes fit for travelling?

While travelling, you are bound to do a lot of walking. Walking is undoubtedly, one of the best ways to enjoy the holiday destination most. For that, a sturdy and durable pair of footwear is required as your travelling partner. This pair of casual shoe will be instrumental in providing comfort and support to your feet throughout your journey.

For women, casual shoes have more significance while travelling. It not only provides extensive support to the feet while moving from one tourist spot to the other but also adds a flavour of fashion to the entire outfit. So, there is a big craze for buying women casual shoes from the online stores; particularly during the summers, when travelling is a common thing.


Top ways to choose such shoes

Footwear forms a crucial aspect of packing your bag for vacation. In fact, travelling is when you mostly evaluate how good your pair of shoe is in terms of quality. Hence, care must be taken in selecting the best pair of women casual shoe for travel purpose. Especially when they have to power to make or break your entire trip!


The very basic thing to do while selecting is to think practically. For that, a blueprint of the activities you will be doing on the entire trip should be at the back of your mind. Checking the weather of your destination during your stay is also important.


As said earlier, travelling requires a lot of walking. Therefore, you should select some casual shoes that can provide a solid amount of support as you walk run or stride through your journey. For that, a women casual shoe with an impressive amount of cushioning is ideal. Again, no matter what happens, comfort should be our number one priority in this quest; without proper comfort, you won’t be able to enjoy the entire trip.


Casual shoes come in so many colours and varieties that selecting only one or two for an entire trip is difficult. Hence, you should pick a travel shoe that matches with a variety of outfits. Selecting women casual shoes with neutral shades are the best way to solve this problem.


Where to find these pair of footwear?

The answer is quite obvious. The various online stores of India are the go-to portal to find these women casual shoes that are meant for travelling.The contribution of the online stores is not merely restricted to provide an opportunity for the women to buy the casual shoes of their choice; these platforms also give you many reviews regarding any particular model. The multiple benefits include a comparison of prices along the many sites, anytime availability, smart payment options and much more. No wonder why it is termed as ‘the next big thing in the shopping canon.’


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Women sports shoes – The eco-friendly designs and technologies

We all know how crucial running and exercising are for your health. They are the most effective and inexpensive way to burn your calories, but the footwear we use for such activities can be a burden for the environment sometimes.


Why should women choose eco-friendly sports shoes?

We live at a time when the environmental issue is a grave concern for all the living community of this planet. In this period of environmental and serious ecological crisis, mankind is implementing various ways to minimise the ill-effects of global pollution. Preparation of eco-friendly products is gradually becoming the smartest way to tackle such issue. Footwear, sports shoes, in particular, are also walking along that path.


Women are now buying many sports shoes which are earth friendly and more sustainable in nature. Buying sports shoes made from natural substances is a noble effort which is praiseworthy and motivates the ladies to contribute towards the better sustainability of our planet.


How is modern technology contributing to this futuristic initiative?

Technology is the key to any futuristic thinking and its implementations. Eco-friendly sports shoes for women are the dream that we all share for the sake of our planet, our home. Technology is the only thing that can transform this dream into reality. The big branded sports shoe companies are banking heavily on the modern technology for eco-innovations in the world of footwear in order to make the environment smile.


Designers and manufacturers have created sports shoes made from ‘up-cycled’ marine plastic wastes that were recovered during the cleanup operations of the oceans. This is significant for two reasons. Firstly, it relieves your feet from the burden of synthetic and toxic materials. Secondly, it will be instrumental in fighting the increase in the number of plastic waste over the ocean which is hampering the entire ocean ecosystem.


In addition to this, an attempt has been made to reduce the material waste by introducing shoes made from biodegradable artificial spider silk which decomposes in the sink when the user is finished with it.


How the internet and online stores help in such initiatives?

The internet and the various online shoe stores have been instrumental in spreading the awareness of the need for eco-friendly women sports shoes. The information regarding the types of materials used in making those shoes, how different they are from their non-eco-friendly counterpart, where to obtain them – all are found on the internet. The online stores provide a platform for buying these shoes, which otherwise, is very rare to find in the physical stores.


For many people, going green or living an eco-friendly lifestyle can be a challenge. There are so many things that are harmful and toxic to this planet. Taking this noble initiative to purchase eco-friendly women sports shoes from online stores is an easy way to contribute to the preservation of our planet.


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