Selecting the right material: Looking at some of the men’s shoe materials

Every man needs a good pair of shoe that he can wear comfortably on a daily basis. They need something that can be worn in a variety of different situations. Hence, a shoe has to go through many ordeals; a lot of rough usages, wear and tear, water soaked in the puddles and so on.


So, what makes a good men’s shoe stand out from the others? It is their materials that make them special. The materials used in making the shoes for men are the main reason for their cheap pricings, comfortable nature and popularity. That’s why wearing a good men’s shoe made with good quality materials is so important.


The most common materials used in the shoes for men that we get online are leathers, textiles, synthetics, rubber, foam and plastics. Each of these materials has their specific uses in footwear. Hence, selecting the shoes according to the uses is something that attributes to the longevity of the footwear.


Is the choice of material that important?

While shopping for the shoes for men from the online stores, people often overlook the importance of the materials with which the shoes are made of. This is a grave mistake. Shoes are not just something that protects man’s feet from the dirt and sharp objects of the roads; they are an investment in comfort, style and health.


Leather: Playing the first fiddle

Perhaps the most common material used for making shoes, leather is durable, flexible and stretchable. It is also available in many colours and styles. But the drawback is that the shoes for men made of leather are not at all cheap. Also, they are heavy and susceptible to water absorption. Yet when it comes to making a beautiful and fashionable men’s shoe, leather is the ‘thing’.


Synthetic substances

Once considered cheap junk that is not suitable for high-quality shoes for men, synthetic materials (mainly Polyurethane) now is a must have for manufacturing modern shoes; especially modern sports shoes. They offer a huge variety of colour, texture and features. They also provide good cushioning and are water resistant in nature- which is the two most unique asset of this material.



Textiles for footwear come in many fibre types that include cotton, nylon, wool, polyester and many others. Because of the variety of features and colours, textiles have a special place in the footwear industry. They are mainly used inside and at the bottom of the men shoes.


There are so many kinds of materials that are now used in making men’s shoes more interesting, more supportive and healthier. So while shopping, we must look for good materials rather than searching for flashy stuff.


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