The ultimate guide to the vegan sports shoes for women found online

What are ‘vegan’ women sports shoes?

Vegan sports shoes for women are running shoes, cross training shoes, gym shoes and other kinds of sports shoes which use materials (that includes dyes and adhesives) that are not derived from animals or are not tested on any animals.


Vegan sports shoes on the basis of the terrain

When it comes to sports shoes, types of terrain are very crucial. There occur small changes and adjustments in the women sports shoes with the change in the terrains. A woman looking to buy a new pair of sports shoe from the online stores we have in India should at first identify the need for sports shoe for her feet.


Track – Track sports shoes are lightweight and don’t provide much cushioning; they are predominantly about speed and are used for athletics mainly.


Cross-Training – Cross-trainers offer sufficient cushioning and have a durable sole that helps in taking a confident stride while playing any sports. For sports where there is a need for running and jumping, these shoes are the best options.


Materials used

Most of the sports shoes for women that are found online, be it vegan or otherwise, are exclusively made of synthetic materials like nylon, rubber and many others. The non-vegan shoes, however, use animal-derived materials in the shoes.


Suedette – They are lightweight fashion materials that are water resistant and non-breathable.

Nylon/Synthetic – They are very much breathable and sturdy in nature.

Microfibre – Made from polyester and polyurethane, this material is soft to touch and designed to make your feet breathe naturally.

Vegetan mycro – Made of soft to touch polyester substrate with polyurethane ‘skin’, this material has a matt/satin finish with a light grain.They are tough, versatile and have a water resistant property.

Vegetan active – A lightweight, breathable polyurethane/cotton material which is soft, grained and leather-looking and is common in the women sports shoes found online. They have a built-in cotton backer which gives extra strength. They are also biodegradable and so, environment-friendly too.


Vegetan Bucky – It is a hard-natured microfibre with a look and feel of supple leather. Usually dark, this material also is breathable and thus ideal for being a sports footwear material.


There are many other materials made from vegetative or synthetic resources that are common pre-requisites in vegan sports shoes for women. The various types of sports shoes and running shoes for women made without the use of animal materials are just as good, and in many case superior, to their non-vegan counterparts.


The gradual increase in the number of people who are abstaining themselves from using animal-derived products indicates what they favour. And the abundance of these sports shoes on the virtual racks of the online stores of India is a clear example women buy them in greater volume.


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