Women sports shoes and its basic difference with the men’s sports shoes

Men and women have many differences. One of such differences can be found in the shapes of the running shoes they use. These design differences allow the shoes to distribute the load effectively and successfully absorb the shock.


The basic shape of the feet of men and women are different. So, their running shoes also vary in shape. Generally, women sports shoes are a bit narrower at the heel and a little less wide than the men’s sports shoes.


Here are some basic differences between the men and women sports shoes that we should note for our own benefit:


Difference in the shape

The primary difference between the men’s and women’s sports shoes is the width of the shoe. Compared to the corresponding men’s shoes, the ladies sports shoes are made wider in the forefoot and the toe area, while it gets narrower in the heel. Moreover, there lies a difference in the size of the shoes. Men’s shoes are generally larger in size than that of the women’s.


Difference in the midsoles

On an average, women have 15% less muscle than men. Therefore, the midsole in a woman’s shoe is designed to sustain 15% less impact when each foot strikes the ground. Due to this reason, women sports shoes contain a lighter and softer midsole than that of the men’s. Again, the grooves present in the sports shoes go deeper in the case of the women shoes which manages for the lower body mass of the ladies and adds flexibility to the strides.


Difference in cushioning

Because men have a tendency to weigh more than women, their shoes often feature denser cushioning at the forefront. Heavy amount of cushioning allow the shoes to absorb the load and minimises the stress that is placed on the feet, hips and ankles while running or exercising. Women sports shoes have a very thin layer of cushioning as they don’t carry enough weight. Excess density could have made the shoe heavier and less flexible – that wouldn’t be useful for a woman.


The Q-angle

Women have a natural tendency to have wider hips, which means that the angle of their upper leg is greater. The slant of the upper leg, which is also called Q-angle, causes female athletes to strike the ground with the outside of their feet. As a result of the flat landing of their feet, the inward rolling or pronation causes much stress on the knee joint. This gives more motion control and comfort to the feet while performing any strenuous activities.


It is not always possible for every sports shoe enthusiasts to know every minute detail about the designs, shapes and technologies behind the sports shoes, both for men and women. For such things, the internet and the online stores are the perfect platforms. It is the contribution of the internet that has popularised ladies sports shoes on the online stores and has created a separate image for them; an image different than those of their male counterpart.


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Know about casual shoes: the leather quality and the basic constructions

Casual shoes are the most popular and widely used kind of footwear for men. Much of such popularity and fame is because of the online stores. If we consider casual shoes to be fire, then the online stores are the gasoline. The online stores are instrumental in spreading the burning desire for good pairs of casual shoes in the minds of common men.

The one problem that you might face in selecting the casual shoes is the choice of the right shoe depending on the nature of your feet and the requirements. A comprehensive idea about the basic leather designs and the different types of constructions in the field of casual shoes will help you to take wise decisions.


The quality of the leather used

Full grain – It is the most durable part of the hide of an animal. The grain pattern provides durability, strength and breathability to your casual shoes and is the most sought after leather. This kind of leather does not undergo any imperfection removal process like the other kinds of leathers.


Top grain – Quite similar to the full grain type of leather in its appearance, top grain is the second most durable leather. Produced from the region just below the region of full grain, its surface gets sanded and a finish coat is added which results in less breathability. Still, it is quite strong, durable and resistant to any strain.


Corrected grain – This type of leather is produced through the sanding of the top layer and has an artificial grain applied to its surface. This gives a ‘plastic’ look to this leather. Corrected grain form of leather is a top grain leather of lower quality and is, therefore, less durable than its superior ones.


The basic construction of the casual shoes

Here are the main types of shoe construction that are highly evident in the latest casual shoes for men:

Goodyear Welting – This is the most labor-extensive type of construction that can be witnessed in the latest casual shoes and is the hallmark of premium casual shoes for men. They are durable and water resistant. Also, they are easy to re-sole because of the welt and two level stitching.


Blake stitching – In this type of construction, the upper is directly stitched to the sole which results in the reduction in weight of the shoes and gives more flexibility to your feet.


Norwegian welting – This method of attaching a shoe’s sole to its upper ensures waterproofness and sturdiness along with a second stitching. A durable yet stiff construction in making, this type of construction provides a superior aesthetic effect for boots and country footwear.


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Canvas shoes for men and the various styles of canvas shoes you should give a try

Canvas is a sturdy fabric made of hemp and is used in manufacturing canvas shoes and sneakers. Canvas shoes are the type of footwear where the uppers are made from canvas materials.


Canvas shoes for men are cool looking and even cooler to wear. The funky look and the groovy design make them the perfect companion for summer. Some canvas shoes are painted by hand whereas; some are made from plain woven fabric.

They are pretty much the part of a youngster’s summer uniform. A pair of jeans or shorts, a solid T-shirt and a good pair of canvas shoe can take you anywhere and everywhere.


There has been a common myth surrounding the shoes canvas shoes for men. Most of the people think of canvas shoes as the footwear for summer strolls along the sea sides, which though to some extent is true, but not limited. The best way to break these stereotypes is to go and search on the internet. Also, there are many online stores from where you can buy the latest canvas shoes for men as well as know more about them at the same time.

Here we are mentioning some of the styles of canvas shoes that are worth trying:

Vans off the wall

A style that dates back to the 1970s, this is preferred because of their rugged make and sticky soles. They are also light in weight and come in light colours making them ideal for summers.

Classic hemp made canvas

Nothing beats the original! The classic canvas shoes for men are made up of hemp which is porous in nature and allows air to circulate better and helps your feet breathe effectively. Also, such permeability hinders any formation of sweat inside the shoes and discourages the growth of fungi or bacteria.

Round toed and low top

The canvas shoes with a rounded tip, low-top and slip-on styling are ideal to wear with a pair of shorts on a breezy summer afternoon.


Canvas shoes are for everyone; whether you are a teen looking for something stylish to match your equally stylish outfits, an office goer who wants a break from the heavier formal shoes or just anyone who wants to taste comfort. The online stores cater to that need quite well.


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The hottest footwear trends to keep in mind while shopping from online stores

Shoes reflect a man’s personality; his taste and aesthetic sense. So, to show others how éclat your choices are, latest and stylish shoes are ideal. Also, shoes are capable of influencing your entire appearance. It is a common tendency for all human to notice your shoes. So, when shoes are bad, everything goes horribly wrong.

Earlier, the love and passion for stylish and classy looking pair of shoes that goes well with any elegant outfit were limited to the people of aristocratic or sophisticated classes. Such interests rarely prevailed in the common masses. But with the rise of the internet, came e-commerce. And with e-commerce, came various online shopping platforms. It is these stores which made latest and trendy pairs of shoes available to everyone. Not only sophisticated people but also the common masses now rely on online shopping stores to buy the footwear of their choice.


When you are passionate about anything, knowledge about the latest trends in that field is a necessity. It keeps you updated and keeps the flame of your passion intact. Here are some of the top trends regarding shopping of shoes from online stores that need to be kept in mind.A comprehensive awareness about the trends prevents you from buying a pig in a poke.

Minimalistic design– Nowadays, shoes with minimalistic designs are very popular among the people. Such designs are made with the sole purpose of increasing the percentage of comfort while walking. Though it reduces the chances of protection to some extent, minimal design is a huge hit.


Usage of neutral colours – The shoe manufacturers are now breaking the stereotypes of using dark colours for shoes and are bending towards using neutral colours as those shades go well with almost any outfits. So, whenever you tend to buy from any online shoe store, you can witness the dominance of neutral coloured footwear in those virtual racks.


Going green– Making shoes from natural materials instead of any synthetic and toxic material is the new trend now. In this age of environmental decadence, going eco-friendly is the ideal way; it is praiseworthy too.


Anti-slippery soles – While walking or running on any smooth surface with a little amount of friction, you remain alerted with the fear of slipping. But the new shoes that are coming up are seen to consist of anti-slip soles that prevent you from slipping even on frictionless surfaces. The design of those soles is catchy and quickly has become a sensation among the youths.


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The three types of casual shoes for men that go well with jeans

As the mercury rises for the very first time this year indicating the advent of the scorching days of summer, there will be a knack of people in choosing casual outfits, even for offices. Casual shoes and jeans are a perfectly crafted dressing combination made for men. Combining your casual designer footwear with jeans is the coolest thing because you can wear them anytime and anywhere.

Finding the correct pair of casual shoes is a herculean task as every other day lots of additions in designs, styles, shapes and types are happening. Thank god, there is the internet! It is because of this marvellous thing we can actually keep a track of everything related to the world of designer footwear.


Because of the internet, there is e-commerce, and because of e-commerce, there are online stores from where you can shop for your favourite designer footwear. These online stores actually give you the chance to shop from your home or anywhere around the globe and at any time. All you need to do is some clicks of the mouse and bang! You are done!


When it comes to variety and details, there is lots of nitty-gritty related to casual shoes. It sometimes becomes problematic even with the help of the internet, to choose the correct pair of shoes for your outfits. Hence, here are some shoes that will make you look best when put on with jeans.

Loafers – the irreplaceable ones

Loafers and jeans are probably the pairs made in heaven. When loafers are paired with the stylish jeans, then the real fun comes. Loafers for men are increasingly becoming popular because of their classy appearance and an unorthodox take on the colours.


Monkstraps are classy pieces of leathers which not only cover your feet but also give a strict formal look to your overall appearance. When you wear them with jeans, you go spot on! Just like a true fashionista. Such ability makes them a popular kind of casual shoe when it comes to online shopping.

Slip-on shoes – the face of casual approach

Let us agree to it. Whenever we think of casual approach or casual style, the very image of any footwear that comes to our mind is that of a designer slip-on. They are very easy and flexible shoes that we can choose for the summers with jeans. Their cool looks and comfortable heel support add lots of style and smoothness to your walk, which is crucial during the hot season. Moreover, the thermoplastic rubber material used in their uppers adds breathability to your feet and helps your feet to prevent sweating.


Whenever the desire for purchasing any designer footwear comes to your mind, it would be wise to opt for online stores. The variety and easy operative steps make them so adorable among the people. So, it can be said for any types of shoe shopping, the option for online shopping is heaven compared to the trivial way.


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A detailed study of the various types of women sports shoes found in online stores

Women sports shoes have traditionally been smaller versions of men’s shoes. But there are lots of differences, both structurally as well as hormonally in men and women. That’s why both of their running stances are different.

Sports shoes are the cheapest way to stay fit and enhance your endurance and performance. They are instrumental in increasing your athletic performance, as it provides support to the feet, ankles, knees and hips.While participating in strenuous

activities like running or exercising, women try to stay healthy and fit. A good pair of sports shoe makes their activity experience much fun. They feel more comfortable and confident with the right sports shoes on their feet.


The last thing you would want is to fall on your couch with a serious foot injury. To minimise the chances of such injuries, trendy sports shoes for women are a perfect choice.  And for making a perfect choice, a comprehensive knowledge about the various types of ladies sports shoes that can be found in the online stores is necessary.

Here are some of the most popular types of ladies sports shoes:

Cross trainers

These shoes are the most common and popular types of women sports shoes and are light in weight with minimalistic design. It is the shoes’ multi-purpose facilities that make them ideal for walking, exercising or playing sports.

Aerobic shoes

Aerobic shoes are light in weight and allow women to move quickly and jump continuously. The extra padding under the ball of the foot in these shoes is meant for absorbing the impacts for aerobics.

Neutral trainers

Ideal for neutral foot types, they are built on curved or semi-curved last and encourage faster movement. These sports shoes for women have a good amount of cushioning and are lighter in weight due to the absence of any motion control features.

Off road shoes

For running on rough and uneven grounds, off road shoes are the best pair of shoes you can bet on. They have a better accommodation power and an extra tread that helps them to minimise slipping and gives a firm grip. Also, these shoes are made of good materials, therefore, lasts longer.
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A comprehensive look at the different types of men’s casual shoes you can get in the online stores

Casual shoes are a must-have item in every man’s wardrobe. A good pair of casual shoe can do the magic. The current market for casual shoes is quite large and it provides the buyer with a wide variety of colours and designs. Each of such kinds of casual shoes is unique and attractive.

Wearing casual shoes with T-shirts, shorts, jeans, etc, makes one look very impressive. It is the trendy nature of the casual shoes that make them so well matched with today’s popular attires.

Because of the sudden emergence of the internet, there has occurred a major shift in the way we shop.  The tide is gradually shifting towards online shopping of casual shoes rather than the physical stores.

But the very first thing you need to do while buying the best pair of casual shoe for your feet is to get a comprehensive idea about the various types of casual shoes you can found in the online stores. With such detailed information, you will be able to understand how one type is different from the other.

 Boat shoes – Also called top-siders, these shoes are made to be worn on the boats to prevent slipping. They are the ideal summer shoe that can be worn without socks and are perfect for warm weathers, especially during the summers.

Espadrilles – Most of the casual shoes found in online stores are espadrilles. These simple, super comfortable types of casual shoes for men is ideal for summers and is very popular among the youths because of its unorthodox designs.

Chukkas – they are plain shoes made of suede or other materials, mostly leather. Chukkas are perfect for casual outfits like jeans, formals and have an open lacing (also called derby) construction; making it ideal for comfort purposes.

Sandals – Being the earliest form of men’s footwear, sandals are perfect for protecting the bottom of your feet and also allow a good amount of air to circulate on the upper portion of your feet. They are the perfect companion of your feet for strolls in the beach, parks or streets because of their groovy looks and fashionable designs. Just like Espadrilles, they too are very common to find in the online stores having expertise in selling the best of casual shoes.

Saddle shoes – What makes them distinct from the other types of casual shoes for men is the presence of a layer of leather over the instep which is normally a different colour than the rest of the shoe. Thus it can be classified as casual yet stylish footwear.

Helping the enthusiasts to know about the different types of casual shoes is a praiseworthy work, which is adeptly done by the internet. The online stores are a crucial source of information about the types. So, whenever there arise confusion about which type of casual shoe to choose, reviews present on the online store’s forum comes handy. Also, the online stores are the place where you can get the casual shoes at the best price.

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